Steel Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh is a matrix of individual wires arranged at ninety degree angles, held in place by welding the individual intersections or by a weaving process. Welded wire mesh is best for applications where a weld failure or group of weld failures would not result in a disastrous event.

Opening (Inches)Thickness (Gauge or Inches)Lbs per FootNormally in StockProduct NameQuantity & Quote Request
1x11/84x8Steel Wire Mesh
2x21/84x8Steel Wire Mesh
2x23/164x8Steel Wire Mesh
2x21/44x8Steel Wire Mesh
6x66g4x8 (sheet)Steel Wire Mesh
6x66g6’x100’ (rolls)Steel Wire Mesh
6x66g6’x200’ (rolls)Steel Wire Mesh
6x69g4x8 (sheet)Steel Wire Mesh
6x69g6’x100’ (rolls)Steel Wire Mesh
6x69g6’x200’ (rolls)Steel Wire Mesh

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