Product Glossary

Hot Rolled Steel Flat

Generally used for fabrication and repairs. Many industries use hot rolled steel such as industrial, agricultural and transportation industries. It is not recommended for low temperature products, where the possibility of a brittle fracture is remote. The process for making hot rolled steel flat is to strip coil and roll it into bars.

This steel can generally be rolled into the following:
• Steel Flat Bar
• Steel Round Bar
• Steel Square Bars

Hexagon BarSteel Hexagon Bar

A general purpose rolled steel product. The properties have great case hardening qualities and can be used for cold forming and bending. It has a smooth surface finish, and increased mechanical properties and machinability. It is easy to weld, cut, form and machine. Uses for this product can be found in many industries including construction, ship building, chemical and more.

Steel Angle Iron

A flat metal rod that has been folded to a 90-degree angle along its length, resulting in an L-shape. Heavier angle iron is often a structural element in buildings and bridges, while a lighter version is used for a variety of supports. It is used almost exclusively for parts requiring machining, welding, grinding, or polishing where good corrosion resistance is also required.

T-Bar Steel

T-Bar products are available in difference sizes and dimensions. It has a T-shaped cross section, and its durability and performance makes it resistant against hostile conditions. T-Bar is primarily used in the construction industry. It is also a load-bearing structure often used to reinforce concrete, wood or metal.

Steel Channels

Are hot rolled, mild steel channel shapes with an inside radius corners. It is used for structural applications, general fabrication and repairs throughout the industrial, agricultural and transportation industry.


Rebar is a reinforcement bar that is typically used in both reinforced concrete and masonry structures. Normally it is formed from carbon steel and is has ridges for better frictional adhesion to concrete.

Steel Tubing

Structural steel tubes can be used for a wide variety of mechanical applications. Its dense structure makes it popular for structural supports, frames, racks, bridges, highways and a wide range of uses in industrial, construction, automotive, and agricultural industries. Tubing is manufactured into many shapes and thicknesses from rectangular and round to square.

Checker Plate Steel

Checker Plate is a type of lightweight metal sheet with a regular pattern of raised diamonds or lines on one side. Checker plates are available in a galvanized plate, aluminum plate or stainless steel plates. Checker plate has a variety of uses mainly on floor boards, factory stair boards, loading ramps, building storage system or any area where an anti-slip flooring is necessary.

Steel Expanded Metal

Made from a sheet of metal that is slit and stretched, forming diamond-shaped openings in the sheet. Expanded Metal is unique in its construction as strands and bonds of the diamond-shaped trusses add strength and rigidity holding it up very well for many years of use.

Steel Wire Mesh

Steel Wire Mesh is a matrix of individual wires arranged at ninety degree angles, held in place by welding the individual intersections or by a weaving process.

Welded Wire Mesh

Is best for applications where a weld failure or group of weld failures would not result in a disastrous event.

Woven Wire Mesh

Is created when individual wires are arranged over and under one another into a woven pattern. It is then mechanically crimped into place by a weaving loom ram.

Steel Bar Grating

Steel bar grating consists of a series of bearing bars welded or joined at various intervals to perpendicular cross bars to form a load-bearing panel. It is a popular load bearing product and is available in a wide selection of panel sizes, bar sizes, spacing's, bar shapes and material types.

Steel Diamond Grip

A large metal plank manufactured in the shape of a channel. It has many industry uses such as work platforms, cat-walks and stair-treads. The grating is especially useful in areas that need a skid resistant design. It is especially easy to handle, install and maintain.

Steel Safety Grip

Is formed when steel is cold stamped into planks or sheets for walking surfaces. It provides the best non-slip safety surface of any type grating. A versatile product, it can be used in most applications where safe footing is important.

Safety grip is not generally kept in stock, but we receive our bar grating and diamond/safety grating orders on Thursdays. If we receive your order (for a stock item) by Wednesday at noon, we can get your order in our yard the next day.

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