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North York Iron is a steel supplier located in Downsview (Toronto), Ontario. We are a family-owned business providing quality steel products for over 50 years

Why North York Iron

Do you like to go chain stores? to big-box stores? to stores that look exactly the same regardless of what part of the country you’re in?

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Our Steel Products

For weights and thicknesses of specific items, hopefully the tables provided in our products sections will be helpful.

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Pick Up & Delivery

If you want to pick up your material and you know what you need, you don’t need to place an order ahead of time.

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Our Company Overview

North York Iron Headquarters
North York Iron is a steel supplier located in Downsview (Toronto), Ontario. We are a family-owned steel business in existence for almost 50 years. Learn More

Pick Up & Delivery Policy

If you would like to pick up your steel materials but are worried about transporting full lengths, we can torch-cut your steel items roughly in half, which most vehicles can accommodate.

We can generally deliver to the Toronto area the next day if steel orders are placed by 2 pm. We usually deliver your steel order within the city of Toronto within two days. (Please note: we occasionally fill our trucks early in the day. To ensure we can arrange your steel delivery the next day, it is best to order by noon.) For the most part, we deliver for free on our regular route with a minimum order of $1000.00.

For more specific information, about our steel products, including pricing, delivery to your area, and what qualifies as our "regular route," please call, fax, or e-mail with your inquiry. (See "Contact Us.")

Many customers call for weights and thicknesses of specific steel items, hopefully the tables provided in Our Products sections will be helpful. We have marked our steel items that we usually keep in stock with an asterisk. For specific stock inquiries, please call, fax or e-mail. (See "Contact Us.")

North York Iron Steel Supply

1100 Flint Road • Toronto, Ontario M3J 2J5
Toll Free: (800) 370-5364
Phone: (416) 661-2888
Email: info@northyorkiron.com

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