Steel Black Pipe

Please note: the outside dimension is the same for both schedule 40 and schedule 80 pipe

Nominal Inside DimensionSchedule 40 - 80 (Heavy)Wall ThicknessOutside Dimension (Inches)Lbs per FootProduct NameQuantity & Quote Request
0.125400.0680.4050.24Black Pipe
0.125800.0950.4050.3145Black Pipe
0.25400.0880.540.42Black Pipe
0.25800.1190.540.54Black Pipe
0.375400.0910.6750.57Black Pipe
0.375800.1260.6750.675Black Pipe
0.5400.1090.840.85Black Pipe
0.5800.1470.841.09Black Pipe
0.75400.1131.051.13Black Pipe
0.75800.1541.051.47Black Pipe
1400.1331.1351.68Black Pipe
1801.791.3152.17Black Pipe
1.25400.141.662.27Black Pipe
1.25800.1911.663Black Pipe
1.5400.1451.92.72Black Pipe
1.5800.21.93.63Black Pipe
2400.1542.3753.65Black Pipe
2800.2182.3757.66Black Pipe
2.5400.2032.8755.79Black Pipe
2.5800.2762.87510.25Black Pipe
3400.2163.5"7.58Black Pipe
3800.33.5"10.25Black Pipe
3.5400.2264"9.11Black Pipe
3.5800.3184"12.51Black Pipe
4400.2374.510.79Black Pipe
4800.3374.514.98Black Pipe
5400.2585.56314.62Black Pipe
5800.3755.56328.57Black Pipe
6400.286.62518.97Black Pipe
6800.4326.62528.57Black Pipe
8400.3228.62528.55Black Pipe
8800.58.62543.43Black Pipe

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