We carry a large stock of rebar. Rebar is a reinforcement bar that is typically used in both reinforced concrete and masonry structures. Normally it is formed from carbon steel and is has ridges for better frictional adhesion to concrete.

Metric rebar comes in 6 metre lengths (approximately 19ft x 8in). Imperial size rebar comes in 20ft lengths. Imperial Rebar isn’t very common any more in Canada

DesignationNominal Outside Dimension (Inches)Lbs per FootNormally in StockQuantity & Quote Request
10m Rebar0.390.52Yes
15m Rebar0.591.57Yes
20m Rebar0.791.583Yes
25m Rebar0.982.632Yes
30m Rebar1.183.685
35m Rebar1.385.266
#3 Rebar0.3750.38
#4 Rebar0.50.67
#5 Rebar0.631.04
#9 Rebar1.143.4
#10 Rebar1.254.3