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Hot & Cold or P&O Sheet

All thicknesses of sheet are normally stocked in 4'x8' sheets. The more common sizes are also stocked in 4'x10' and 5'x10'. Please call for availability. Coating a sheet adds 5 lbs to a 4 x 8 sheet

Thickness (Gauge or Inches)Lbs/SqFt (Hot/Cold Roll or P&O)Normally in StockProduct NameOnline CodeQuantity & Quote Request
3/167.65Steel SheetsSHT012
1/410.2Steel SheetsSHT013
6/1912.75Steel SheetsSHT014
3/815.3Steel SheetsSHT015
1/220.4Steel SheetsSHT016
5/825.5Steel SheetsSHT017
3/430.6Steel SheetsSHT018
140.8Steel SheetsSHT019
1 1/451Steel SheetsSHT020
1 1/261.2Steel SheetsSHT021
1 3/471.4Steel SheetsSHT022
281.6Steel SheetsSHT023
3122.52Steel SheetsSHT024