Wide Beams

We carry a large stock of rebar. Rebar is a reinforcement bar that is typically used in both reinforced concrete and masonry structures. Normally it is formed from carbon steel and is has ridges for better frictional adhesion to concrete.

Web Height x Weight (Inches X Lbs)Web Thickness (Inches)Depth (MM)Flange (Inches)Flange Thickness (Inches)Metric (Web Height mm X Weight kg/m)Normally in StockProduct NameQuantity & Quote Request
W4 x x 19YesWide Beams
W5x16.00.245.0150.36130 x 24YesWide Beams x 28NoWide Beams
W6x9. x 14YesWide Beams x 18YesWide Beams x 22YesWide Beams x 24NoWide Beams x 30YesWide Beams
25.00.326.386.080.455150 x 37YesWide Beams
W8x10.00.177.893.940.205200 x 15YesWide Beams
W8x13.00.237.9940.255150 x 19NoWide Beams
15.00.2458.114.0150.315200 x 22NoWide Beams x 27YesWide Beams x 31YesWide Beams
24.00.2457.936.4950.4200 x 36YesWide Beams
28.00.2858.066.5350.465200 x 42YesWide Beams
31.00.28587.9950.435200 x 46YesWide Beams
35.00.318.128.020.495200 x 52NoWide Beams
40.00.368.258.070.56200 x 59NoWide Beams x 71NoWide Beams
58.00.518.758.220.81200 x 86NoWide Beams
67.00.5798.280.935200 x 100NoWide Beams
W10x12.00.199.873.960.21250 x 18NoWide Beams x 22NoWide Beams
16.00.1969.9525.7080.251250 x 24NoWide Beams
17.00.2410.114.010.33250 x 25NoWide Beams
19.00.2510.244.020.395250 x 28NoWide Beams
22.00.2410.175.750.36250 x 33YesWide Beams
26.00.2610.335.770.44250 x 39YesWide Beams
30.00.310.475.810.51250 x 45YesWide Beams x 49YesWide Beams
39.00.3159.927.9850.53250 x 58Wide Beams
45.00.3510.18.020.62250 x 67NoWide Beams
49.00.349.98100.56250 x 73NoWide Beams
54.00.3710.0910.030.615250 x 80NoWide Beams
60.00.4210.2210.080.68250 x 89NoWide Beams
68.00.4710.410.130.77250 x 101NoWide Beams
77.00.5310.610.190.87250 x 115NoWide Beams
88.00.60510.8410.2650.99250 x 131NoWide Beams
100.00.6811.110.341.12250 x 149NoWide Beams
112.00.75511.3610.4151.25250 x 167NoWide Beams
W12x14.00.211.913.970.225310 x 21NoWide Beams
16.00.2211.993.990.265310 x 24NoWide Beams
19.00.23512.164.0050.35310 x 28NoWide Beams
21.00.19612.0426.4560.291310 x 31NoWide Beams
22.00.2612.314.030.425310 x 33NoWide Beams
26.00.2312.226.490.38310 x 39YesWide Beams
30.00.2612.346.520.44310 x 45YesWide Beams
35.00.312.56.560.52310 x 52YesWide Beams
40.00.29511.948.0050.515310 x 60NoWide Beams
45.00.33512.068.0450.575310 x 67NoWide Beams
50.00.3712.198.080.64310 x 74NoWide Beams
53.00.34512.069.9950.575310 x 79NoWide Beams
58.00.3612.1910.010.64310 x 86NoWide Beams
65.00.3912.12120.605310 x 97NoWide Beams
72.00.4312.2512.040.67310 x 107NoWide Beams
79.00.4712.3812.080.735310 x 118NoWide Beams
87.00.51512.5312.1250.81310 x 129NoWide Beams
96.00.5512.7112.160.9310 x 143NoWide Beams
106.00.6112.8912.220.99310 x 158NoWide Beams
W14x22.00.2313.7450.335360 x 33NoWide Beams
26.00.25513.915.0250.42360 x 39NoWide Beams
30.00.2713.846.730.385360 x 45NoWide Beams
34.00.28513.986.7450.455360 x 51NoWide Beams
38.00.3114.16.770.515360 x 57NoWide Beams
43.00.30513.667.9950.53360 x 64NoWide Beams
48.00.3413.798.030.595360 x 72NoWide Beams
53.00.3713.928.060.66360 x 79NoWide Beams
61.00.37513.899.9950.645360 x 91NoWide Beams
74.00.4514.1710.070.785360 x 110NoWide Beams
82.00.5114.3110.130.855360 x 122NoWide Beams
90.00.4414.0214.520.71360 x 134NoWide Beams
99.00.48514.1614.5650.78360 x 147NoWide Beams
W16x260.2515.695.50.345410 x 39NoWide Beams
31.00.27515.885.5250.44410 x 46NoWide Beams
36.00.29515.866.9850.43410 x 54NoWide Beams
40.00.30516.016.9950.505410 x 60NoWide Beams
45.00.34516.137.0350.565410 x 67NoWide Beams
50.00.3816.267.070.63410 x 74NoWide Beams
57.00.4316.437.120.715410 x 85NoWide Beams
67.00.39516.3310.2350.665410 x 100NoWide Beams
77.00.45516.5210.2950.76410 x 114NoWide Beams
89.00.52516.7510.3650.875410 x 132NoWide Beams
W18x35.00.317.760.425460 x 52NoWide Beams
40.00.31517.96.0150.525460 x 60NoWide Beams
46.00.3618.066.060.605460 x 68NoWide Beams
50.00.35517.997.4950.57460 x 74NoWide Beams
55.00.3918.117.530.63460 x 82NoWide Beams
60.00.41518.247.5550.695460 x 89NoWide Beams
65.00.4518.357.590.75460 x 97NoWide Beams
71.00.49518.477.6350.81460 x 106NoWide Beams
76.00.4318.2111.040.68460 x 113NoWide Beams
86.00.4818.3911.090.77460 x 128NoWide Beams
97.00.53518.5911.1450.87460 x 144NoWide Beams
119.00.65518.9711.2651.06460 x 177NoWide Beams
W21x44.00.3520.666.50.45530 x 66NoWide Beams
50.00.3820.836.530.535530 x 74NoWide Beams
57.00.40521.066.5550.65530 x 85NoWide Beams
62.00.420.998.240.615530 x 92NoWide Beams
68.00.4321.138.270.685530 x 101NoWide Beams
73.00.45521.248.2950.74530 x 109NoWide Beams
83.00.51521.438.3550.835530 x 123NoWide Beams
101.00.521.3612.290.8530 x 150NoWide Beams
111.00.5521.5112.340.875530 x 165NoWide Beams
W24x55.00.39523.577.0050.505610 x 82NoWide Beams
62.00.4323.747.040.59610 x 92NoWide Beams
W24x68.00.41523.738.9650.585610 x 101NoWide Beams
76.00.4423.928.990.68610 x 113NoWide Beams
84.00.4724.19.020.77610 x 125NoWide Beams
94.00.51524.319.0650.875610 x 140NoWide Beams
104.00.524.0612.750.75610 x 155NoWide Beams
W27x84.00.4626.719.960.64610 x 125NoWide Beams
W27x94.00.4926.929.990.745610 x 140NoWide Beams
W30x99.00.5229.6510.450.67610 x 147NoWide Beams

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