Steel Bar Grating

All the bar grating we stock is available unpainted (bare metal), painted (black), galvanized, or serrated (or some combination, e.g. painted and serrated). Please call for availability. 

Currently, we receive our grating and diamond/safety grip orders on Thursdays.

If we receive your order (for a stock item) by Wednesday at noon, we can get your order in our yard the next day. For illustrations, photographs, load tables, and additional information, go to:

Height (Inches)Thickness (Inches)Lbs per SqFtNormally in StockProduct NameQuantity & Quote Request
3/43/165.5NoSteel Bar Grating
11/84.9YesSteel Bar Grating
13/167.1YesSteel Bar Grating
1 1/41/86NoSteel Bar Grating
1 1/43/168.7YesSteel Bar Grating
1 1/21/87.1NoSteel Bar Grating
1 1/23/1610.3YesSteel Bar Grating
23/1613.8NoSteel Bar Grating

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