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Steel Round Tubing

Structural steel tubes can be used for a wide variety of mechanical applications. Its dense structure makes it popular for structural supports, frames, racks, bridges, highways and a wide range of uses in industrial, construction, automotive, and agricultural industries.

Outside Dimension (Inches)Wall Thickness (Gauge or Inches)Available FinishesLbs per FootNormally in StockProduct NameOnline CodeQuantity & Quote Request
1/420gCR.08Steel Round Tubing
1/420gCR0.08Steel Round TubingSRDT001
3/820gCR0.12Steel Round TubingSRDT002
1/218gCR0.24YesSteel Round TubingSRDT003
1/216gCR0.3YesSteel Round TubingSRDT004
1/214gP&O0.37YesSteel Round TubingSRDT005
9/1618gCR0.27Steel Round TubingSRDT006
5/818gCR0.3YesSteel Round TubingSRDT007
5/816gCR, P&O0.39YesSteel Round TubingSRDT008
5/814gP&O0.48YesSteel Round TubingSRDT009
5/813gP&O0.54Steel Round TubingSRDT010
3/418gCR0.37YesSteel Round TubingSRDT011
3/416gCR, P&O0.48YesSteel Round TubingSRDT012
3/414gP&O0.59YesSteel Round TubingSRDT013
3/413gP&O0.67YesSteel Round TubingSRDT014
3/411gP&O0.807YesSteel Round TubingSRDT015
.82520gCR0.31Steel Round TubingSRDT016
082518gCR0.43YesSteel Round TubingSRDT017
.82516gCR, P&O0.56YesSteel Round TubingSRDT018
.82514gP&O0.7YesSteel Round TubingSRDT019
.82513gP&O0.79YesSteel Round TubingSRDT020
1"18gCR0.5Steel Round TubingSRDT021
1"16gCR, P&O0.65YesSteel Round TubingSRDT022
1"14gP&O0.81YesSteel Round TubingSRDT023
1"13gP&O0.92YesSteel Round TubingSRDT024
1"11gP&O1.3YesSteel Round TubingSRDT025
1".100HR1.02YesSteel Round TubingSRDT026
1"1/81.24YesSteel Round TubingSRDT027
1.06516gCR0.69Steel Round TubingSRDT028
1 1/818gCR0.59Steel Round TubingSRDT029
1 1/816gCR0.74Steel Round TubingSRDT030
1 1/814gP&O0.92Steel Round TubingSRDT031
1 1/418gCR0.63Steel Round TubingSRDT032
1 1/416gCR0.82YesSteel Round TubingSRDT033
1 1/414gP&O1.04YesSteel Round TubingSRDT034
1 1/413gP&O1.17YesSteel Round TubingSRDT035
1 1/412gP&O1.32YesSteel Round TubingSRDT036
1 1/411gP&O1.45YesSteel Round TubingSRDT037
1 6/19.100HR1.315YesSteel Round TubingSRDT038
1 6/191/81.59YesSteel Round TubingSRDT039
1 3/818gCR0.69Steel Round TubingSRDT040
1 3/816gCR0.91YesSteel Round TubingSRDT041
1 3/813gP&O1.3Steel Round TubingSRDT042
1 3/811gP&O1.61YesSteel Round TubingSRDT043
1.520gCR0.55Steel Round TubingSRDT044
1.518gCR0.76Steel Round TubingSRDT045
1.516gCR1YesSteel Round TubingSRDT046
1.514gP&O1.26YesSteel Round TubingSRDT047
1.513gP&O1.43YesSteel Round TubingSRDT048
1.511gHR, P&O1.77YesSteel Round TubingSRDT049
1 5/816gCR1.08YesSteel Round TubingSRDT050
1 5/814gP&O1.37Steel Round TubingSRDT051
1 5/811gP&O1.92YesSteel Round TubingSRDT052
1.66.100Galvanized, HR1.67YesSteel Round TubingSRDT053
1.661/82.05YesSteel Round TubingSRDT054
1 3/420gCR0.7Steel Round TubingSRDT055
1 3/418gCR0.89Steel Round TubingSRDT056
1 3/416gCR1.17YesSteel Round TubingSRDT057
1 3/414gP&O1.48YesSteel Round TubingSRDT058
1 3/413gP&O1.68YesSteel Round TubingSRDT059
1 3/412gP&O1.91Steel Round TubingSRDT060
1 3/411gP&O2.09YesSteel Round TubingSRDT061
1 7/818gCR0.96Steel Round TubingSRDT062
1 7/816gCR, P&O1.26Steel Round TubingSRDT063
1 7/811gP&O2.25YesSteel Round TubingSRDT064
1.900.100Galvanized, HR1.92YesSteel Round TubingSRDT065
1.9001/8P&O2.71YesSteel Round TubingSRDT066
1.9003/163.43YesSteel Round TubingSRDT067
1.5 sched 402.72YesSteel Round TubingSRDT068
2"20gCR0.74Steel Round TubingSRDT069
2"18gCR1.02Steel Round TubingSRDT070
2"16gCR, HR, P&O1.34YesSteel Round TubingSRDT071
2"14gP&O1.7YesSteel Round TubingSRDT072
2"13gP&O1.93YesSteel Round TubingSRDT073
2".100HR2.03YesSteel Round TubingSRDT074
2"11gP&O2.41YesSteel Round TubingSRDT075
2"1/82.5YesSteel Round TubingSRDT076
2 1/818gCR1.09YesSteel Round TubingSRDT077
2 1/816gCR1.43YesSteel Round TubingSRDT078
2 1/418gCR1.15Steel Round TubingSRDT079
2 1/416gCR1.52Steel Round TubingSRDT080
2 1/414gP&O1.92Steel Round TubingSRDT081
2 1/413gP&O2.19Steel Round TubingSRDT082
2 1/412gP&O2.49Steel Round TubingSRDT083
2 1/43/16P&O3.62Steel Round TubingSRDT084
2 3/8.100Galvanized, HR2.43YesSteel Round TubingSRDT085
2 3/81/83.01YesSteel Round TubingSRDT086
2 3/810g3.21Steel Round TubingSRDT087
2 3/8.1543.65YesSteel Round TubingSRDT088
2 3/83/164.4Steel Round TubingSRDT089
2 3/8.2185.02Steel Round TubingSRDT090
2 3/81/46.01Steel Round TubingSRDT091
2 1/218gCR1.28Steel Round TubingSRDT092
2 1/216gCR, P&O1.69YesSteel Round TubingSRDT093
2 1/214gP&O2.14YesSteel Round TubingSRDT094
2 1/2"13gP&O2.44Steel Round TubingSRDT095
2 1/2"12gP&O2.78Steel Round TubingSRDT096
2 1/2"1/83.17YesSteel Round TubingSRDT097
2 1/2"3/164.65YesSteel Round TubingSRDT098
2 1/21/46.01Steel Round TubingSRDT099
2 3/416gCR1.86Steel Round TubingSRDT100
2 3/412gHR3.07Steel Round TubingSRDT101
2 7/81/83.68Steel Round TubingSRDT102
3"16gCR, P&O2.04YesSteel Round TubingSRDT103
3"14gP&O2.59Steel Round TubingSRDT104
3"13gP&O3Steel Round TubingSRDT105
3"12gP&O3.37Steel Round TubingSRDT106
3"1/83.84YesSteel Round TubingSRDT107
3".1504.56Steel Round TubingSRDT108
3"3/165.66YesSteel Round TubingSRDT109
3"1/47.35YesSteel Round TubingSRDT110
3.516gHR, P&O2.39Steel Round TubingSRDT111
3.51/84.51YesSteel Round TubingSRDT112
3.53/166.66YesSteel Round TubingSRDT113
3.51/48.69YesSteel Round TubingSRDT114
3.5.31310.66Steel Round TubingSRDT115
4"16gP&O2.7YesSteel Round TubingSRDT116
4"14gP&O3.27Steel Round TubingSRDT117
4"1/85.17YesSteel Round TubingSRDT118
4"3/167.67YesSteel Round TubingSRDT119
4".2208.89Steel Round TubingSRDT120
4"1/410.02YesSteel Round TubingSRDT121
4".31312.35Steel Round TubingSRDT122
4"3/815.52YesSteel Round TubingSRDT123
4.51/85.84YesSteel Round TubingSRDT124
4.5.1346.24Steel Round TubingSRDT125
4.53/168.6YesSteel Round TubingSRDT126
4.5.23710.79Steel Round TubingSRDT127
4.51/411.36YesSteel Round TubingSRDT128
5"16gCR3.43Steel Round TubingSRDT129
5"1/86.52YesSteel Round TubingSRDT130
5"3/169.67YesSteel Round TubingSRDT131
5"1/412.69YesSteel Round TubingSRDT132
5"3/818.54Steel Round TubingSRDT133
5"1/224.03Steel Round TubingSRDT134
5 9/16.1347.77Steel Round TubingSRDT135
5 9/16.1569.02Steel Round TubingSRDT136
5 9/163/1610.79Steel Round TubingSRDT137
5 9/16.21914.2Steel Round TubingSRDT138
5 9/161/412.52Steel Round TubingSRDT139
5 9/163/820.8Steel Round TubingSRDT140
6"16gP&O4.12Steel Round TubingSRDT141
6".109HR6.87Steel Round TubingSRDT142
6"1/87.84YesSteel Round TubingSRDT143
6".1428.89Steel Round TubingSRDT144
6".16510.3Steel Round TubingSRDT145
6"3/1611.68YesSteel Round TubingSRDT146
6"1/415.37YesSteel Round TubingSRDT147
6"3/822.6Steel Round TubingSRDT148
6 5/8.1349.29Steel Round TubingSRDT149
6 5/83/1612.92Steel Round TubingSRDT150
6 5/81/417Steel Round TubingSRDT151
6 5/8.28018.97Steel Round TubingSRDT152
8 5/83/1622.36YesSteel Round TubingSRDT153
8 5/81/428.55YesSteel Round TubingSRDT154
8 5/83/833.1Steel Round TubingSRDT155
8 5/81/243.39Steel Round TubingSRDT156
10"1/426.1Steel Round TubingSRDT157
10 3/4.21924.63Steel Round TubingSRDT158
10 3/41/428.1Steel Round TubingSRDT159
10 3/4.36540.5Steel Round TubingSRDT160
12 3/43/1624.2Steel Round TubingSRDT161
12 3/41/433.4Steel Round TubingSRDT162
1 7/820gCR.120Steel Round TubingSRDT062-1
1.05.1001.02YesSteel Round TubingSRDT027-1
1.05.1251.24YesSteel Round TubingSRDT027-1-1

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