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Steel Square Bars

Steel Square Bars are generally used for fabrication and repairs. Many industries use hot rolled steel such as industrial, agricultural and transportation industries. It is not recommended for low temperature products, where the possibility of a brittle fracture is remote.

Height (Inches)Lbs per FootNormally Stock Hot RollNormally Stock Cold RollProduct NameOnline CodeQuantity & Quote Request
1/80.053NoYesSteel Square BarSQ001
3/160.12NoYesSteel Square BarSQ002
1/40.213YesYesSteel Square BarSQ003
6/190.332YesYesSteel Square BarSQ004
3/80.478YesYesSteel Square BarSQ005
7/160.651YesYesSteel Square BarSQ006
1/20.85YesYesSteel Square BarSQ007
9/161.076YesNoSteel Square BarSQ008
5/81.328YesYesSteel Square BarSQ009
11/161.607YesNoSteel Square BarSQ010
3/41.913YesYesSteel Square BarSQ011
7/82.603YesYesSteel Square BarSQ012
13.4YesYesSteel Square BarSQ013
1 1/84.303NoNoSteel Square BarSQ014
1 1/45.313YesYesSteel Square BarSQ015
1 3/86.428NoNoSteel Square BarSQ016
1 1/27.65YesYesSteel Square BarSQ017
1 5/88.978NoNoSteel Square BarSQ018
1 3/410.41NoYesSteel Square BarSQ019
1 7/811.95NoNoSteel Square BarSQ020
213.6YesYesSteel Square BarSQ021
2 1/815.35NoNoSteel Square BarSQ022
2 1/417.21NoNoSteel Square BarSQ023
2 3/819.2NoNoSteel Square BarSQ024
2 1/221.25NoYesSteel Square BarSQ025
2 3/425.71NoNoSteel Square BarSQ026
330.6NoYesSteel Square BarSQ027
3 1/435.91NoNoSteel Square BarSQ028
3 1/241.65NoNoSteel Square BarSQ029
3 3/447.81NoNoSteel Square BarSQ030
454.4NoNoSteel Square BarSQ031
4 1/461.41NoNoSteel Square BarSQ032
4 1/268.85NoNoSteel Square BarSQ033
585NoNoSteel Square BarSQ034
5 1/2102.9NoNoSteel Square BarSQ035
6122.4NoNoSteel Square BarSQ036

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