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Steel Hexagon Bar

The properties of the Steel Hexagon Bars have great case hardening qualities and can be used for cold forming and bending. It has a smooth surface finish, and increased mechanical properties and machinability. It is easy to weld, cut, form and machine.

Outside Dimension (Inches)Lbs per FootNormally in StockProduct NameOnline CodeQuantity & Quote Request
1/8.046Steel Hexagon BarHX001
5/32.072Steel Hexagon BarHX002
3/16.104Steel Hexagon BarHX003
7/32.140Steel Hexagon BarHX004
1/4.184YesSteel Hexagon BarHX005
9/32.233Steel Hexagon BarHX006
6/19.288YesSteel Hexagon BarHX007
11/32.348Steel Hexagon BarHX008
3/8.414YesSteel Hexagon BarHX009
7/16.564YesSteel Hexagon BarHX010
1/2.736YesSteel Hexagon BarHX011
9/16.932YesSteel Hexagon BarHX012
5/81.150YesSteel Hexagon BarHX013
11/161.392YesSteel Hexagon BarHX014
3/41.656YesSteel Hexagon BarHX015
13/161.944YesSteel Hexagon BarHX016
7/82.254YesSteel Hexagon BarHX017
15/162.588YesSteel Hexagon BarHX018
1”2.945YesSteel Hexagon BarHX019
1.0623.324Steel Hexagon BarHX020
1 1/83.727Steel Hexagon BarHX021
1 3/164.152Steel Hexagon BarHX022
1 1/44.601Steel Hexagon BarHX023
1 6/195.072Steel Hexagon BarHX024
1 1/44.601Steel Hexagon BarHX025
1 3/85.567Steel Hexagon BarHX026
1 7/166.085Steel Hexagon BarHX027
1 1/26 5/8Steel Hexagon BarHX028
1 9/167.189Steel Hexagon BarHX029
1 5/87.775Steel Hexagon BarHX030
1 11/168.385Steel Hexagon BarHX031
1 3/49.018Steel Hexagon BarHX032
1.8129.673Steel Hexagon BarHX033
1 7/810.350Steel Hexagon BarHX034
2”11.78Steel Hexagon BarHX035
2 1/813.3Steel Hexagon BarHX036
2 3/1614.09Steel Hexagon BarHX037
2 1/414.91Steel Hexagon BarHX038
2 3/816.61Steel Hexagon BarHX039
2 1/218.4Steel Hexagon BarHX040
2 5/820.3Steel Hexagon BarHX041
2 3/422.27Steel Hexagon BarHX042
2 7/824.34Steel Hexagon BarHX043
3”26.5Steel Hexagon BarHX044
3 1/431.1Steel Hexagon BarHX045
3 1/236.08Steel Hexagon BarHX046
4”47.12YesSteel Hexagon BarHX047

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