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Steel Channels

Hot rolled, mild steel channel shapes with an inside radius corners. It is used for structural applications, general fabrication and repairs throughout the industrial, agricultural and transportation industry.

SizeDepth (Inches)Thickness (Inches)Flange Width (Inches)Normally in StockOnline CodeProduct NameQuantity & Quote Request
3/4--1/83/8NoSCHI001Steel Channels
1--1/83/8NoSCHI002Steel Channels
1--1/81/2YesSCHI003Steel Channels
1 1/8--3/169/16NoSCHI004Steel Channels
1 1/4--1/81/2YesSCHI005Steel Channels
1 1/2--1/81/2YesSCHI006Steel Channels
1 1/2--3/169/16YesSCHI007Steel Channels
1 1/2--1/83/4YesSCHI008Steel Channels
2--1/81/2YesSCHI009Steel Channels
2--3/169/16NoSCHI010Steel Channels
2--1/45/8NoSCHI011Steel Channels
2--1/81YesSCHI012Steel Channels
2--3/161YesSCHI013Steel Channels
2 1/2--3/165/8YesSCHI014Steel Channels
C3 x 4.175 x 6.1701.410YesSCHI015Steel Channels
5.075 x 7.2581.498YesSCHI016Steel Channels
6.075 x 9.3561.596YesSCHI017Steel Channels
C4 x 5.4100 x 8.1841.584YesSCHI018Steel Channels
6 1/4100 x 9.2471.647YesSCHI019Steel Channels
7 1/4100 x 11.3211.721YesSCHI020Steel Channels
C5 x 6.7130 x 10.1901.750YesSCHI021Steel Channels
9.0130 x 13.3251.885YesSCHI022Steel Channels
C6 x 8.2150 x 12.2001.920YesSCHI023Steel Channels
10 1/2150 x 16.3142.034YesSCHI024Steel Channels
13.0150x 19.4372.157YesSCHI025Steel Channels
C7 x 9.8180 x 15.2102.090YesSCHI026Steel Channels
12 1/4180 x 18.3142.194YesSCHI027Steel Channels
14 3/4180 x 22.4192.299NoSCHI028Steel Channels
C8 x 11.5200 x 17.2202.260YesSCHI029Steel Channels
C8 x 13.75200 x 21.3032.343YesSCHI030Steel Channels
18 3/4200 x 28.4872.527YesSCHI031Steel Channels
C9 x 13.4230 x 20.2332.433YesSCHI032Steel Channels
15.0230 x 22.2852.485NoSCHI033Steel Channels
20.0230 x 30.4482.648NoSCHI034Steel Channels
C10 x 15.3250 x 15.3.2402.600YesSCHI035Steel Channels
20.0250 x 30.3792.739YesSCHI036Steel Channels
25.0250 x 37.5262.886NoSCHI037Steel Channels
30.0250 x 45.6733.033NoSCHI038Steel Channels
C12 x 20.7310 x 31.2822.942YesSCHI039Steel Channels
25.0310 x 37.3873.047NoSCHI040Steel Channels
30.0310 x 45.5103.170NoSCHI041Steel Channels
C15 x 33.9380 x 50.4003.400NoSCHI042Steel Channels
40.0380 x 60.5203.520NoSCHI043Steel Channels
50.0380 x 74.7163.716NoSCHI044Steel Channels
MC 3x 7.1.3121.938NoSCHI045Steel Channels
MC 4x13.8.5002.500NoSCHI046Steel Channels
MC 6x12.0150 x 17.9.3102.497NoSCHI047Steel Channels
15.1150 x 22.5.3162.941NoSCHI048Steel Channels
15.3.3403.500NoSCHI049Steel Channels
16.3150 x 24.3.3753.000NoSCHI050Steel Channels
18.0150 x 26.8.3793.504NoSCHI051Steel Channels
MC 7x19.1180 x 28.4.3523.452NoSCHI052Steel Channels
22.7180 x 33.8.5033.603NoSCHI053Steel Channels
MC 8 x 8.5200 x 12.6.1801.875YesSCHI054Steel Channels
18.7200 x 27.8.3532.978NoSCHI055Steel Channels
20.0200 x 29.8.4003.025NoSCHI056Steel Channels
21.4200 x 31.8.3753.450NoSCHI057Steel Channels
22.8200 x 33.9.4273.502NoSCHI058Steel Channels
MC 9x23.9230 x 35.6.4003.450NoSCHI059Steel Channels
25.4230 x 37.8.4503.500NoSCHI060Steel Channels
MC 10 X 6.5.1521.127NoSCHI061Steel Channels
8.4250 x 12.5.1701.500YesSCHI062Steel Channels
22.0250 x 33.3123.315NoSCHI063Steel Channels
25.0250 x 37.3803.405NoSCHI064Steel Channels
28.5250 x 42.4.4253.950NoSCHI065Steel Channels
33.6250 x 50.5754.100NoSCHI066Steel Channels
41.1250 x 61.2.7964.321NoSCHI067Steel Channels
MC 12 x 10.6310 x 15.8.1901.500YesSCHI068Steel Channels
31.0310 x 46.3703.670NoSCHI069Steel Channels
35.0310 x 52.4673.767NoSCHI070Steel Channels
40.0310 x 60.5903.890NoSCHI071Steel Channels
45.0310 x 67.7124.012NoSCHI072Steel Channels
50.0310 x 74.8354.135NoSCHI073Steel Channels
MC 13x31.8330 x 47.33/84.000NoSCHI074Steel Channels
50.0330 x 74.7874.412NoSCHI075Steel Channels
MC 18x42.7460 x 63.59/203.950NoSCHI076Steel Channels
45.8460 x 68.21/24.000NoSCHI077Steel Channels
51.9460 x 77.23/54.100NoSCHI078Steel Channels
58.0460 x 867/104.200NoSCHI079Steel Channels

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