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Expanded Metal

We carry a large stock of rebar. Rebar is a reinforcement bar that is typically used in both reinforced concrete and masonry structures. Normally it is formed from carbon steel and is has ridges for better frictional adhesion to concrete.

Terms Glossary

 R - Raised - Expanded metal as it is after it has been expanded (the surface is not level), e.g. ¾-9R
F - Flattened -
Expanded metal that has been cold rolled to produce a level surface, e.g. ¾-9F.

SWO - Short Way of Opening
- Long Way of Opening
- Short Way of Design
- Long Way of Design

Online CodeProduct NameStyleLbs per FootSWO Opening (Inches)LWO Opening (Inches)Strand Width (Inches)Strand Thick (Inches)Approx. Open Area (%)Quantity & Quote Request
EM001Expanded Metal3/16"-20R0.2030.3130.0470.0355
EM002Expanded Metal3/16"-20R0.0800.313.063.03640
EM003Expanded Metal1/4"-20R0.1250.718.072.03645
EM004Expanded Metal1/2"- #20R0.4380.9380.0720.03680
EM005Expanded Metal1/2"- #18R0.4400.9380.0880.04872
EM006Expanded Metal1/2"- #16R0.3750.9380.0860.06065
EM007Expanded Metal1/2"- #13R0.3120.9380.0960.09257
EM008Expanded Metal1/2"- #13(.188)R0.2500.8000.1880.09225
EM009Expanded Metal3/4"- #16R0.8131.7500.0990.06078
EM010Expanded Metal3/4"- #13R0.7501.6880.0960.09276
EM011Expanded Metal3/4"- #10 (13)R0.7501.6250.1440.09272
EM012Expanded Metal3/4"- #9R0.6881.5630.1480.13468
EM013Expanded Metal1" - #16R1.0002.0630.0960.06082
EM014Expanded Metal1" - #14R0.8751.5630.1250.07475
EM015Expanded Metal1" - #12R0.9071.5630.1090.10578
EM016Expanded Metal1" - #10 (170)R0.7501.5630.1550.13562
EM017Expanded Metal1" - #10HR0.7251.5630.1800.13560
EM018Expanded Metal1" - #7R0.5761.5630.2750.18345
EM019Expanded Metal1 1/2"- #18R1.3132.6250.0670.04890
EM020Expanded Metal1 1/2"- #16R1.2502.6250.1070.06085
EM021Expanded Metal1 1/2"- #13R1.1882.5000.1040.09285
EM022Expanded Metal1 1/2"- #10 (13)R1.1882.5000.1370.09280
EM023Expanded Metal1 1/2"- #10R1.0002.3750.2000.13574
EM024Expanded Metal1 1/2"- #10HR0.8302.3750.2400.13572
EM025Expanded Metal1 1/2"- #9R1.1252.3750.1420.13476
EM026Expanded Metal1 1/2"- #6R1.0002.3130.2010.19869
EM027Expanded Metal3 LB.0.9403.4400.2640.18360
EM028Expanded Metal4 LB.0.9403.4400.3000.21555

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